And reducing phone call volume by 35%


I had the opportunity of being hired as a product designer for a local school to redesign their digital communication board. The redesign resulted in cutting down phone calls by 35%. It also increased the engagement of parents during events and it more than tripled average website visitor numbers.


Where it all started

The old dashboard was created decades ago. The design was outdated and the functionality was not up to date. There were also several problems with the ease of use.

As the sole designer responsible for this project, I conducted multiple rounds of research, produced sketches, wireframes, and mockups. At the end, final assets and documents were delivered after ensuring that engineers were able to implement the content smoothly.

"Covid shifted how parents are accessing information and our current school board receives too many complaints. I'm too busy answering calls, so we want to update our communication platform."

Paul Foley - Principal

Software auditing - Identifying areas of improvement

A full UX/UI audit was performed to identify areas of improvements and to highlight the current problems with the software. Doing this ensured that the main stakeholders were involved early and that they understood the foundations that the redesign was being built on.

Figma - Prototyping several ideas to show alternatives

The stakeholders preferred visual assets over pen and paper sketches, so we used several quick Figma sketches to show the designs and why they were chosen. This allowed for capturing feedback beyond their personal likes and dislikes because they were able to focus on the interaction. This really helped deciding on colours, the branding and other parts of the design.

Final design

The following images show a few screens of the final design. Real data has been replaced with mock data for data security purposes.