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Simplifying Newsletter Signups

After more than a decade of not changing anything, this business owner wanted to improve their newsletter signup rates and they hired me to help them. After we were done, the monthly sign-up rate more than tripled in just a few days.

100.000 Monthly Visitors

1 Week

300% Increased Signups


My Role


UX Research


1 Week

The Team


Frontend Developer

Product Management


User Behaviour Analysis

Low-Fidelity Sketching

A/B Testing

Analytics Reporting

UI Design


Goal:Redesign the main landing page to increase newsletter sign-ups.

This influencer had his blog up for over a decade and his newsletter list of 100k+ people is the main sales funnel for his video course products. So the plan was by getting more people on his newsletter, he’ll do more sales if conversion rate stays the same.

I’m launching a new book and we’re going to get a lot of new visitors on the website and I want to get them on my newsletter.

S. Y. - Owner

Overview of the old landing page

The old landing page was converting just below 1% and it had a site abandonment rate of more than 85%. We installed a heatmap on the landing page to get a better idea of the user behaviour and found that there were several elements that competed for attention such as the top menu, the book, the clients face and others.

Persona creation

Based on the analytics results, several personas were created. These personas laid the foundation to understand the current user better, which was never done before. We chose the persona format because it was easier to understand and digest than pages of documentation.


Sketching Low-fidelity ideas to gain early stakeholder agreement

As the owner had strong ideas about how to brand their online presence, more than 30 low-fidelity sketches were created to confirm the direction of the new landing page.

I want to stay minimalistic. I dislike websites that are too busy and I want visitors to focus on signing up for my newsletter.

S.Y. - Owner

A short collection of some low-fidelity sketches that were used for getting agreement.


High-fidelity delivery

We decided to move forward with a minimalistic and simple landing page that puts the sign-up into the focus of the user. This decision was mainly influenced by the fact that the landing page would get no organic traffic and that visitors would know the owner when they’re landing on this page. Additionally we created several high-contrast sign-up pop-ups as seen below.



An A/B test was performed where the old and the new landing page were shown to 50.000 visitors each. The end result was that the new design had 3x more sign-ups than the old one while all other metrics remained the same.