And making it easier for them to gain insights of their expenses


After the initial onboarding, we received feedback that there was little reason for executives to continue using the product because they already got all the insights they needed to optimize their billing procedures.

As a result, Brightflag explored different channels to generate more value for decision makers. One of these projects was the implementation of a new dashboard design.

This project was put on ice, but the process was detailed and is worth sharing.


Market research - Is this worth building?

The initial idea for this project was identified by the customer support staff as they gathered a lot of feedback that the current product - while valuable - wasn't being considered as a long-term solution because the value it provided peaked after about 1-2 years.

Together with marketing and sales, several needs were identified. To summarize, clients wanted to:

  • Make decisions in real time

  • Identify areas of opportunities quickly

  • Have all important data for their job accessible right away

To further explore this area, several user journey maps were created.

Figma - Prototyping several ideas to show alternatives

The stakeholders preferred visual assets over pen and paper sketches, so we used several quick Figma sketches to show the designs and why they were chosen. This allowed for capturing feedback beyond their personal likes and dislikes because they were able to focus on the interaction. This really helped deciding on colours, the branding and other parts of the design.

Final design

The following images show a few screens of the final design. Real data has been replaced with mock data for data security purposes.